Module 5: All About Garth

After reading and listening to interviews on Guiding Students as they Explore, Build, and Connect Online, I was most interest in the Garth Corbett’s interview.  I was very impressed to hear about his motivation and success at such a young age.  Garth is a high school student who took what started out as a hobby and invested time and learning to create a YouTube Channel.  Garth has a passion for technology specifically with video editing.  It was interesting to hear how inquisitive he was at a young age when it came to technology via video games.  Further, I learned that camps and training for teens exist!  I had no idea!  I think Garth is a prime example that Gee discusses in his work when it comes to using video games to learn more whether its technology based information acquisition or interest based.  Garth is also demonstrates a student who has a strong interest based motivation.   Given his level of interest in technology, Garth has been highly motivated to learn more and continue to invest significant amount of time in this area.  Something tells me, Garth has the skills to be very successful both in school and in his personal and professional life!


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